Day 4
DSC05107  On our way to Les Andelys, leaving Vernon at 5:50 am DSC05108 DSC05109 DSC05110
DSC05112 DSC05113 DSC05114  Docking at Les Andelys DSC05115
DSC05116 DSC05117 DSC05118 DSC05405
DSC05120 DSC05127 DSC05129  After breakfast we are off on our Guided walking tour of Le Petit Andelys. DSC05121
DSC05122 DSC05123 DSC05124 DSC05125
DSC05126 DSC05128 DSC05130 DSC05131
DSC05132 DSC05133 DSC05134 DSC05135
DSC05136 DSC05137 DSC05138 DSC05139
DSC05140 DSC05141  Saint-Sauveur du Petit Andelys DSC05143 DSC05144
DSC05145 DSC05146 DSC05147 DSC05148
DSC05150 DSC05151 DSC05152 DSC05153
DSC05154 DSC05155 DSC05142  Break time, time for a drink DSC05157
DSC05158 DSC05159 DSC05160 DSC05161
DSC05162 DSC05163 DSC05165 DSC05166  After lunch free time, I decided to walk up to see the ruins of Chateau Gaillard
DSC05174  Then & Now: Chateau Gaillard, a fortress build by Richard the Lionheart in the 12th century. DSC05111 DSC05164 DSC05167
DSC05170 DSC05171 DSC05172 DSC05173
DSC05177 DSC05181 DSC05182 DSC05184
DSC05185 DSC05186 DSC05187 DSC05188
DSC05189 DSC05190 DSC05191 DSC05192
DSC05193 DSC05194 DSC05195 DSC05196
DSC05197 DSC05168  Views from the top DSC05169 DSC05175
DSC05179 DSC05180 DSC05176 DSC05183
DSC05198  Just a note, my original cabin # was 211 and when I checked in I had been upgreaded to 313. Moved me up to the center cabins. DSC05199 DSC05200 DSC05202  Call it a day, we ship out at 8 pm, onto Honfleur.