Day 5
DSC05203  Going to Honfleur DSC05204 DSC05205 DSC05206
DSC05207 DSC05208 DSC05210 DSC05212
DSC05213 DSC05214 DSC05215 DSC05216
DSC05217  The Locks of Honfleur DSC05218 DSC05406  10 am arrivings in Honfleur. DSC05219
DSC05220 DSC05221 DSC05222 DSC05223  Our tour of the day taking a look see around Honfleur
DSC05224 DSC05225 DSC05226 DSC05227
DSC05228 DSC05229 DSC05230 DSC05231
DSC05232 DSC05233 DSC05234 DSC05235
DSC05236 DSC05238 DSC05239 DSC05240
DSC05241 DSC05242 DSC05243 DSC05244  Something different hu
DSC05245 DSC05246 DSC05247 DSC05248
DSC05249 DSC05237 DSC05250 DSC05252
DSC05253 DSC05254 DSC05255 DSC05256
DSC05257  Another chruch. DSC05258  I want one of these DSC05259  Honfleur population is about 8000 and has over 300 shops, it is a neat place. DSC05260  Ok the big day is tomorrow, Omaha Beach, the musium, the American cemetery and Pointe du Hoc