Denver Fishing Trip 2016

DSC04712  Fisrt stop Flagstaff AZ. DSC04714  Packing up heading out to Santa Fe New Mexico DSC04715  Day of fishing at Cochiti Lake, Santa Fe New Mexico DSC04716  Dennis doing his thing
DSC04717 DSC04718  Caught one, Dennis is catch and release DSC04719 DSC04720
DSC04721  Got another one DSC04722 DSC04723  On the road to Denver DSC04724
DSC04725  Rest stop DSC04726 DSC04727 DSC04728
DSC04729 DSC04730  Wow Co. really has nice rest stops DSC04731  Gary's house DSC04732  Hello Gary here we are, what's for dinner
DSC04735  Gary's place DSC04736 DSC04737 DSC04738
DSC04774 DSC04734  Some general pictures around Gary's house DSC04739 DSC04740
DSC04741 DSC04742 DSC04743 DSC04744
DSC04745 DSC04746 DSC04747  Just what I had in mind DSC04748
DSC04749 DSC04754 DSC04767 DSC04856
DSC04857 DSC04858 DSC04859 DSC04750  Getting ready for tomorrow's fishing
DSC04751 DSC04752 DSC04753 DSC04755  Here we all are, Gary, Dennis, Ryan, Brandi and Megan
DSC04756 DSC04757  Saturday is our day for the BBQ, Hot Dogs and all the fixing DSC04758 DSC04759
DSC04760 DSC04761 DSC04762 DSC04763
DSC04764 DSC04765 DSC04766  Great time DSC04768  Gary's 1976 truck, He bought it new, he says it only has a little over 100,000 miles
DSC04770  This is how Gary gets around, weather permitting DSC04769 DSC04771  Gary doing his daily morning scripture reading DSC04772  Don't eat the tires
DSC04773  Sunday morning breakfast on our way to Colorado Springs for the day's sight seeing tours DSC04777  Sunday, sightseeing day. Here we are at "Caves of the Winds" Colorado Springs DSC04778 IMGP4011
DSC04781 DSC04780 DSC04779 DSC04782
DSC04783 DSC04784 DSC04785 DSC04786
DSC04787 DSC04788 Cave of the Winds-31                                                                   May 22, 2016 DSC04789
DSC04790 DSC04791 DSC04792 DSC04793
DSC04794 DSC04795 DSC04796 DSC04798
DSC04799 DSC04800 DSC04802 DSC04803
DSC04805 DSC04806 DSC04807 DSC04809
DSC04810 DSC04811 DSC04812 DSC04813
DSC04814 DSC04815 DSC04816 DSC04817
DSC04818 DSC04819 DSC04820 DSC04821  They  say that this is one of the first light bulbs, gets turned on about once every 100 years
DSC04822 DSC04823 DSC04824 DSC04825
DSC04826 DSC04827  Lunch after our cave tour DSC04828 DSC04829
DSC04830  On the way out we see the young climbers testing their skills DSC04831  Next on to the Pikes Peak COG Railway DSC04832 DSC04833  One & one half hours travel each way, with about 45 minuites at the peak
DSC04834 DSC04835 DSC04836 DSC04837
DSC04838 DSC04839 IMGP4039  Burr it's about 30 degrees DSC04840
DSC04841 DSC04842 DSC04845  Monday our fishing day. Gary did not sleep well last night and decided to stay home and rest. DSC04846  About 20 miles north on Hwy 25, St Vrain State park has about 10 fishing ponds.
DSC04847  We fished for about 3 hours, not even a bite, O well better luck next time DSC04848 DSC04849 DSC04850
DSC04851 DSC04852  Our family heirloom 22 hex barrel pump rifle DSC04854  Thanks to Dennis and the Internet we were able to get some additional  information about this rifle, knowing it's make and serial number DSC04855  Made in 1904, we now know why there is an added small piece of cork to the shell chamber
DSC04860  Tuesday pack up and head out. DSC04861  Going to Clifton Co. just a few miles from Grand Junction. Hope to get a few hours  of fishing later in the day DSC04862 DSC04863
DSC04864 DSC04865 IMG 0496  Clifton, fishing at James M. Robb Colorado State Park. late afternoon, lots of wind. Poor Dennis trying to fly fish just did not work out. On the other hand I was lucky  and got 5 within an hour and half DSC04869  Next morning heading out to Ceder City Utah, great pictures along the way. Overnight and then home on Thursday May 26
DSC04870 DSC04871 DSC04872 DSC04873
DSC04874 DSC04875 DSC04876 DSC04877
DSC04878 DSC04879 DSC04880 DSC04881
DDSC04755  Gary, Dennis, Ryan, Brandi and Megan Great trip, special thanks to Gary for putting up with us.